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  • Financial Gifts & Donations

    The Reading Public Library welcomes financial contributions and offers a number of donation options.

    Reading Public Library - Please contact the Research & Reader Services Desk (email & phone) for information regarding direct contributions toward programs, furniture or library materials. This is also a great way to celebrate a family occasion and memorialize friends and loved ones (Gift Form).

    Friends of the Reading Public Library - Become a member of the Friends to directly support ongoing library programs, staff development, museum passes and other special events. Find out more…

    Reading Public Library Foundation - Consider a gift to the Foundation to support our goal of creating a million-dollar endowment for the library. Find out more…

  • Donating Books, DVD's and CD's

    The Library is not currently accepting book donations.

    • Some of your books may be valuable. Contact a used book dealer to find out.
    • Donate your books to a nursing home.
    • Donate your books to a prison.
    • Donate your books to churches or temples (often for book sales).
    • Donate your books to shelters.
    • Check the Yellow Pages or the Human Services Yellow Pages for addresses and phone numbers.

    Specific Groups Accepting Book Donations: Reading Tree (888) 402 BOOK (888 402 2665)
    Got Books? Donate at any of the Reading Elementary schools.