Division for Equity and Social Justice

After a two years-long process, the Ad Hoc Human Rights committee recommended the creation of a dedicated Division for Equity and Social Justice with funding for a paid Director to be added to the structure of the Reading Public Library. The proposal has the support of a broad swath of the town, citizens, committees, the police, clergy – it is very specific to the needs of this town as seen by concerned citizens. As many will recall, this result followed a number of public, highly visible hate/racist acts. While these actions may no longer be as visible to many in the community, they continue and their negative impacts are felt around the town and by individuals whether or not it is officially reported.


The Reading Public Library is an institution central to the town; it belongs to and welcomes all. Situating a new Division for Equity and Social Justice will ensure programming and guidance that can reach all residents regardless of age, wealth, or education status.


The library thanks the Reading community for engaging in a thoughtful and thorough conversation around this new Division and moving forward with the position.   The full press release regarding the position is here.

Additional questions may be emailed to either rpltrustee@noblenet.org or rdgadmin@noblenet.org.

2020 Proposal Documents

2021 Updated and Expanded Documents

Statement of Purpose and Proposed Structure
Hiring the Director & Forming the Reading Alliance for Equity and Social Justice
Helpful Terms

The Trustees and Library Director appreciate the continued interest and curiosity about this position.   In response to a few questions and feedback.  We have provided updates and some clarifying responses.

FAQ: Why the Library
FAQ: More About the Position