DVD Recorder/VCR Line-in Recording

DVD Recorder/VCR Line-in Recording

Who is it for?

Watch your favorite movies and shows using the Sanyo DVD/VCR Combination Player. It is compatible with DVDs and CDs, features a parental lock and has a variety of inputs and outputs. HD DVD/VCR combo allows for 2-way recording (DVD to VCR and VCR to DVD).

What is included?

DVD recorder/VCR line-in recorder; remote; owner’s manual; video cable (yellow cords); audio cable (red and white cords); guidelines sheet.

The Fine Print:

Patrons 18 years or older with library cards in good standing (i.e. no billed items) can check out equipment. Borrowers accept full financial responsibility for the material and accessories while in their possession. The total replacement cost for the Sanyo DVD Recorder/VCR Line-in Recording is $400.00.  A $5.00 per day fee will be applied if material is returned late.


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