2020 Summer Reading

reading together logoReading is… Reading Together! June 19 – August 22

We’re inviting the entire community to read together this summer! When we join together, we can make a big difference. Your summer reading hours will provide donations to local charities. Every person, of all ages and abilities, can help make a difference by reading, listening, and completing special challenges. The Friends of the Reading Public Library generously support the library’s programs including Summer Reading – we’re grateful to have friends like these!

NEW GOAL: 5,000 hours will benefit The Mission of Deeds

Reading Together starts Friday, June 19 at 9 am. The last day is Saturday, August 22. You can register and start participating at any point during the summer. Just be sure to log your final time by 5 pm on August 22.

When you register, you can sign up as an individual or a group. Your group could be members of your household, a group of friends, or a neighborhood. Registering a group of people is a fun way to cheer on others and stay connected.


After you register as an individual or group, you will be assigned to a team. Six colorful teams (Team Red, Team Orange, Team Yellow, Team Green, Team Blue, and Team Purple) will compete for the most time read. You can track your team’s progress online with our live chart, or check the lobby window by the parking lot, where we’ll post updates.


When all the teams’ time combined equals 1,000 hours, we’ve reached our goal! The Friends will donate $1,000 to the Reading Food Pantry. Each team will have RPL staff members as team leaders, who will cheer the group on along the way and help build team & community spirit. The winning color team will earn intangible but priceless prizes: bragging rights, admiration and envy.


Living in Reading is not a participation requirement. Feel free to invite your Grandma in California or best friend in Korea to join! All ages and abilities are invited to join.



  1. Registration is required. Individuals or groups should register before logging any time. For a group, only one person needs to complete the registration form.
  2. Each registration form will be processed individually. For example, if you register a group of neighbors in June, then have a new person who wants to join your team in July, there is no guarantee they will be assigned to the same color team when they register.

Three things can count toward your team goal:

  • 1) Reading time
  • 2) Listening time
  • 3) Challenge time


Remember that ALL time counts! Example: Your entire family of five is on Team Orange. You take a trip to the beach and listen to an audiobook in the car for 30 minutes. Each one of you can log this time. Team Orange gets 2 1/2 hours of time! Here’s another example. Grandpa and his grandchild are both on Team Blue. Grandpa does a video call to read a storybook to his grandchild for 15 minutes. Both Grandpa (reader) and grandchild (listener) log this time. Team Blue gets 30 minutes!


What is Challenge Time? Every week, there will be a special bonus challenge to get your creative juices flowing and encourage summer learning. The time you spend working on the challenge can be logged just like reading and listening time.