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Kinda Like Brothers

4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade and up, Fiction, Realistic

kinda like brothers coverKinda Like Brothers by Coe Booth
Recommended for: Grades 4-6

11 year old Jarrett is not having a great summer so far. He has to attend summer school, his best friend is away, and he can’t get the nerve to talk to his crush, Caprice. His mom takes in foster children, and Jarrett always has to struggle to get her full attention. Jarrett’s summer gets even worse when his mom takes in Treasure, a developmentally delayed toddler, and her 12 year old brother Kevon.  Jarrett and Kevon are forced to be together, but neither boy takes the time to really get to know the other.  As the summer continues, and Jarrett’s jealousy and anger grow, both boys make decisions that lead to bad outcomes. I really liked reading about Jarrett’s family and friends, and watching him change and mature over the course of the summer.  He was a realistic character who made mistakes, like all people do, but he learned from them, too.  I recommend this book to anyone who likes stories about family, friendship, and growing up.

Reviewed by: Mrs. Waring

4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade and up, Fiction, Realistic.
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