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6th Grade and up, MCBA 2010-2011, Sports

Mudville by Kurtis Scaletta
Recommended for: Grades 6-8

12 year old Roy has never known anything but rain.  For the past 22 years it has rained in his hometown of Moundville, ever since the day his father played a fateful part in the annual baseball game between Moundville and neighboring Sinister Bend.  Now, Sinister Bend is a ghost town and Moundville is nothing but mud.  When a mysterious and moody boy named Sturgis moves into Roy’s house, everything begins to change.  Part tall-tale and part family story, Mudville is a baseball book filled with unique characters and exciting play-by-plays.  Highly recommended for older readers who are sports fans.

Reviewed by: Mrs. Waring

6th Grade and up, MCBA 2010-2011, Sports.
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