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The Fairy Ring, or, Elsie and Frances Fool the World

5th Grade, 6th Grade and up, Non-Fiction

The Fairy RingThe Fairy Ring, or, Elsie and Frances Fool the World by Mary Losure
Recommended for: Grades 5 and up

Have you ever innocently told a lie, then it get out of your control?  Have you ever wanted to tell the truth, but were scared of the consequences?  At the end of WWI, two cousins in Cottingley, England, told a lie that ended up fooling many important grown-ups and got the girls swept up in a media frenzy.  Elsie (15) and Frances (9) saw fairies in the beck behind their house.  When the grown-ups refused to believe them, they staged photographs with beautiful hand-painted paper fairies.  The adults (including some famous and well-respected ones) believed the photos were real, and Elsie and Frances quickly saw their innocent prank spin out of control.  The cousins took their secret almost to their graves.

This was a fascinating story, illustrated with wonderful photographs and illustrations done by Elsie, a talented artist, when she was a young woman.

Recommended by: Mrs. Waring

5th Grade, 6th Grade and up, Non-Fiction.
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