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The Hired Girl

6th Grade and up, Fiction, Historical, Humor, Realistic

hired girl coverThe Hired Girl by Laura Amy Schlitz
Recommended for: Grades 6-9

14 year old Joan Skraggs longs for a life of literature and knowledge, but is stuck cooking and cleaning for her father and brothers on their early 1900s Pennsylvania farm. When her father burns her books as punishment, she runs away to Baltimore, and is taken in by a well-off Jewish family as their hired girl. In her new home she learns about faith, house-keeping, literature, art, and love. Joan’s personality shines through in this novel which is written in first person point of view as her diary. She is a complex and realistic teenager: impetuous, smart, kind, and naïve. By the end of the novel you will have made a good friend that you don’t want to leave.

Reviewed by: Mrs. Waring

6th Grade and up, Fiction, Historical, Humor, Realistic.
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