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The Terrible Two

4th Grade, 5th Grade, Humor, MCBA 2018 - 2019, Realistic

The Terrible Two by Jory John and Mac Barnett
Recommended for: Grades 4 and up

The Terrible Two is the hilarious story of two pranksters who eventually team up to pull off one of the greatest pranks of all time. The story starts with Miles Murphy, an expert prankster, who has just moved to a new town and school. On his first day, Miles discovers his new school already has a resident prankster. And this resident prankster is not who you think he is. The ensuing prank battle ends with the Terrible Two coming together to prank the entire school, including their bumbling principal. Funny graphic images are interspersed with the text of the book, making it a great choice for reluctant readers.

Reviewed by Mrs. Brown

4th Grade, 5th Grade, Humor, MCBA 2018 - 2019, Realistic.
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