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Wolf Hollow

5th Grade, 6th Grade and up, Fiction, Historical

wolf hollow coverWolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk
Recommended for: Grades 5-8

Annabelle lives a steady and peaceful life in rural Pennsylvania in 1943.  She helps her mother and father on the farm, and attends a one room schoolhouse with her younger brothers.  She and her family offer kindness and understanding to Toby, a quiet WWI veteran who wanders around town.  When mean Betty Glengarry moves to town, Annabelle’s world is turned upside down.  Betty’s nasty pranks cause injury and distress; eventually Betty herself goes missing and Toby is the one who is quickly blamed.  Annabelle is confronted with questions of secrets and trust, and grows up a lot over the course of this honest and sometimes brutal story.

Reviewed by: Mrs. Waring

5th Grade, 6th Grade and up, Fiction, Historical.
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