What’s New in Children’s?

What’s New in Children’s?

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New Board Books

The daddy book by Parr, Todd
The going to bed book by Boynton, Sandra.
We Say Good Night by Yoon, Salina
We Say Hello by Yoon, Salina

New Picture Books

Sato the rabbit by Ainoya, Juki.
Bear Island by Cordell, Matthew
Ten animals in Antarctica : a counting book by Court, Moira
Sunny-side up by Davis, Jacky
Milo imagines the world by de la Peña, Matt
Oona by DiPucchio, Kelly
I love you, baby burrito by Dominguez, Angela
Ten little dumplings by Fan, Larissa
Marsha is magnetic by Ferry, Beth
Don't hug Doug : (he doesn't like it) by Finison, Carrie
Early one morning by Fox, Mem
Ambitious girl by Harris, Meena
Kamala and Maya's big idea by Harris, Meena
Spring stinks by Higgins, Ryan T.
Eyes that kiss in the corners by Ho, Joanna
Happy dreams, Little Bunny by Hong, Leah
I see you see by Jackson, Richard
Seven special somethings : a Nowruz story by Khorram, Adib
The Passover guest by Kusel, Susan
Over the shop by Lawson, JonArno
C is for country by Lil Nas X
I am a bird by Lim, Hope
Ducks on the road  : a counting adventure by Lobel, Anita
Does Earth feel? by Majewski, Marc
Champ and Major : first dogs by McCullough, Joy
Sloth wasn't sleepy by Messner, Kate.
My very favorite book in the whole wide world by Mitchell, Malcolm
Night walk by O'Leary, Sara
How to catch a clover thief by Parsley, Elise
Rectangle time by Paul, Pamela
Meesha makes friends by Percival, Tom
Outside, inside by Pham, LeUyen.
A family for Faru by Rao-Robinson, Anitha
It's so quiet by Rinker, Sherri Duskey
Me and my sister by Robbins, Rose
Talking is not my thing by Robbins, Rose
Follow that frog by Stead, Philip Christian
Mel fell by Tabor, Corey R.
Seaside stroll by Trevino, Charles
There is a rainbow by Trinder, Theresa
Anonymouse by VanSickle, Vikki
Everything Naomi loved by Yamasaki, Katie
What's the matter, Marlo? by Arnold, Andrew  (Artist).
Mr. Rabbit and the lovely present by Zolotow, Charlotte

New Easy Readers

Go, go, go by Barner, Bob
Jack gets zapped! by Barnett, Mac
The bike lesson by Berenstain, Stan
Buddy readers : guided reading level A : 20 leveled books to help little learners soar as readers by Charlesworth, Liza
Buddy readers : guided reading level B : 20 leveled books to help little learners soar as readers by Charlesworth, Liza
Buddy readers : guided reading Level C : by Charlesworth, Liza
Buddy readers : guided reading level D : 20 leveled books to help little learners soar as readers by Charlesworth, Liza
King & Kayla and the case of the gold ring by Butler, Dori Hillestad.
My first kitten by Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
My first yoga class by Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
Marigold Fairy makes a friend by Dennis, Elizabeth
Violet Fairy gets her wings by Dennis, Elizabeth
The mystery of the dragon eggs by Testa, Maggie
English-Spanish First Little Readers: Guided Reading Level B (Parent Pack): 25 Bilingual Books That Are Just the Right Level for Beginning Readers by Charlesworth, Liza
First little readers. 25 irresistible books that are just the right level for beginning readers  Guided reading level A : by Schecter, Deborah
Folk & fairy tale easy readers : 15 classic stories that are just right for young readers. by
Cat has a plan by Gehl, Laura
The buddy bench by Hooks, Gwendolyn
5 wilder creature adventures! by Kratt, Martin
My friend Lucky by Milgrim, David
First Little Readers: More Guided Reading Level a Books (Parent Pack): 25 Irresistible Books That Are Just the Right Level for Beginning Readers by Sklar, Miriam
Nonfiction sight word readers : Teaches 25 key sight words to help your child soar as a reader!  Guided reading level D by Charlesworth, Liza
Nonfiction sight word readers : guided reading level A by Charlesworth, Liza
Nonfiction sight word readers : teaches 25 key sight words to help your child soar as a reader!  Guided reading Level B by Charlesworth, Liza
Nonfiction Sight Word Readers : Teaches 25 Key Sight Words to Help Your Child Soar as a Reader!  Guided Reading Level C by Charlesworth, Liza
Amelia Bedelia steps out by Parish, Herman
Peanuts: Snoopy came to play by Schulz, Charles M.
Phonics First Little Readers (Parent Pack) by Scholastic
Gekko saves the city by Nakamura, May
I like my car by Robertson, Michael
Uni the unicorn brings spring : an Amy Krouse Rosenthal book by Ransom, Candice F.
Ryan's world of science. by Andrus, Aubre.
Party pigs! by Seltzer, Eric
Roller bears by Seltzer, Eric
Pablo's pet by Tan, Sheri
The protest by Thornhill, Samantha
Say cheese, Teddy Rex! by Williams, Bonnie
I am Mary Anning by Vitale, Brooke

New First Chapter Books

Stars of the show by Calmenson, Stephanie
Sydney & Taylor : explore the whole wide world by Davies, Jacqueline
Eva at the beach by Elliott, Rebecca
Brain trouble by Griffith, Theanne
Riding sound waves by Griffith, Theanne
Quiet please! by Jacobson, Jennifer
Boris on the move by Joyner, Andrew  (Illustrator)
Boris for the win by Joyner, Andrew.
Boris gets a lizard by Joyner, Andrew.
Boris sees the light by Joyner, Andrew.
The triple play twins by Kelly, David A.
Dancing queen by Lyons, Kelly Starling
Rock star by Lyons, Kelly Starling
Sleepover scientist by Lyons, Kelly Starling
A friend for Dragon by Pilkey, Dav
Call of the sound dragon by West, Tracey
Eye of the earthquake dragon by West, Tracey

New Graphic Novels

Claudia and the new girl : a graphic novel by Epstein, Gabriela
Chef Yasmina and the potato panic by Mannaert, Wauter
Shadow hills by Quinn, Jordan
The coldfire curse by Quinn, Jordan
Girl haven by Sturges, Lilah
Hilo.  Gina, the girl who broke the world  Book 7, by Winick, Judd
I survived the Nazi invasion, 1944 : the graphic novel by Tarshis, Lauren
Pizza and Taco.  Best party ever! by Shaskan, Stephen
Pup detectives.  The first case  1, by Gumpaw, Felix
Pup detectives.  The tiger's eye  2, by Gumpaw, Felix
Simon and Chester : super detectives! by Atkinson, Cale
Star wars adventures : the clone wars : battle tales by Moreci, Michael.
Super Turbo saves the day! by Powers, Edgar J.
Super Turbo vs. the flying ninja squirrels by Powers, Edgar J.

New Children’s Fiction

Here's to you, Rachel Robinson by Blume, Judy.
Little Miss Stoneybrook and Dawn by Martin, Ann M.
A place to hang the moon by Albus, Kate
Eat bugs by Alexander, Heather
The in-between by Ansari, Rebecca K. S.
The year I flew away by Arnold, Marie
Arlo Finch in the kingdom of shadows by August, John
Delivery to the lost city : a train to impossible places novel by Bell, P. G.
J.D. and the great barber battle by Dillard, J.
Noah McNichol and the backstage ghost by Freeman, Martha
Unicorn Island by Galanti, Donna
Take back the block by Giles, Chrystal D.
Deepest breath by Grehan, Meg
Reckless, glorious, girl by Hagan, Ellen
Girl stuff by Harrison, Lisi
One jar of magic by Haydu, Corey Ann.
Beyond platform 13 by Ibbotson, Eva
Red, white, and whole by LaRocca, Rajani
Of a feather by Lorentz, Dayna
Crocodile rescue! by Márquez, Melissa Christina
My ex-imaginary friend by Matejek-Morris, Jimmy
The hatmakers by Merchant, Tamzin
The raconteur's commonplace book : a Greenglass House story by Amalgam, Phineas.
Field trip fiasco by Patterson, James
The barf of the bedazzler by Reynolds, Aaron
The comeback by Shen, E. L.
Ancestor approved : intertribal stories for kids by
Cathedral of bones by Steiger, A. J.
The vanished by Stone, Nic
Bump by Wallace, Matt
The magical reality of Nadia by Yūsuf, Bāsim

New Children’s Non-Fiction & Biography

Brain candy : seriously sweet facts to satisfy your curiosity by Beer, Julie  (Children's author)
Brain candy 2 : sweet facts to satisfy Your curiosity by Hargrave, Kelly
Me and the world : an infographic exploration by Trius, Mireia
Go and do likewise! : the wisdom of Jesus by Hendrix, John
Together we march : 25 protest movements that marched into history by Henderson, Leah
Feathered serpent and the five suns : a Mesoamerican creation myth by Tonatiuh, Duncan
The language of the universe : a visual exploration of mathematics by Stuart, Colin  (Science writer)
Mars! Earthlings Welcome by McAnulty, Stacy
Exploring the elements : a complete guide to the periodic table by Thomas, Isabel
When Cloud became a cloud by Hodgson, Rob
Drop : an adventure through the water cycle by Moon, Emily Kate
Dinosaurs : fact and fable : truths, myths, and new discoveries! by Simon, Seymour
The rainforest book by Milner, Charlotte.
Ocean! : waves for all by McAnulty, Stacy.
Odd animals by Davidson, Rose M.
Wild city : meet the animals who share our city spaces by Hoare, Ben
Life-size animals : an illustrated safari by Schiavo, Riva M.
You're invited to a moth ball : a nighttime insect celebration by Burns, Loree Griffin
Amphibian acrobats : frog, salamander, and caecilian showstoppers in verse by Bulion, Leslie
Audubon birding adventures for kids : activities and ideas for watching, feeding, and housing our feathered friends by Wolfson, Elissa
The beak book by Page, Robin
Tarra and Bella : the elephant and dog who became best friends by Buckley, Carol
Walrus vs. elephant seal by Pallotta, Jerry
Welcome to your period! : your complete, no-nonsense guide to going with the flow by Stynes, Yumi
Love your body by Sanders, Jessica  (Social worker)
A garden in your belly : meet the microbes in your gut by D'yans, Masha
From here to there : inventions that changed the way the world moves by Kirkfield, Vivian
Cats and kittens by Jenner, Caryn
Modern art explorer : with 30 artworks from the Centre Pompidou by Harman, Alice
It's a numbers game : basketball : the math behind the perfect bounce pass, the buzzer-beating bank shot, and so much more! by Buckley, James,  Jr.
It's a numbers game : soccer : the math behind the perfect goal, the game-winning save, and so much more! by Buckley, James,  Jr.
It's a numbers game : baseball by Buckley, James,  Jr.
Hard-boiled bugs for breakfast : and other tasty poems by Prelutsky, Jack
Timelines from Black history : leaders, legends, legacies by
Have I ever told you Black lives matter by King, Shani M.
Latinitas : celebrating big dreamers in history! by Menéndez, Juliet
Pearl Harbor by Messner, Kate
The ABCs of Black history by Cortez, Rio
Exploring the White House : inside America's most famous home by Brower, Kate Andersen.
The world almanac and book of facts 2021 by
The big book of airplanes. by
The Mayflower by Messner, Kate
Osnat and her dove : the true story of the world's first female rabbi by Samuel, Sigal
Above the rim : how Elgin Baylor changed basketball by Bryant, Jennifer
Joe Biden : our 46th president by Gormley, Beatrice
President Joe Biden : America's 46th president by Rose, Rachel
Joe Biden by Thomas, Rachael L.
Flying high : the story of gymnastics champion Simone Biles by Meadows, Michelle
Claudette Colvin by Cline-Ransome, Lesa
Drawing on walls : a story of Keith Haring by Burgess, Matthew.
Dark was the night : Blind Willie Johnson's journey to the stars by Golio, Gary
John Lewis : congressman and civil rights hero by Rose, Rachel
The highest tribute : Thurgood Marshall's life, leadership, and legacy by Magoon, Kekla
A girl named Rosita : the story of Rita Moreno : actor, singer, dancer, trailblazer! by Denise, Anika
Gone to the woods : surviving a lost childhood by Paulsen, Gary
Chance : a memoir by Shulevitz, Uri
Harriet Tubman by Pinkney, Andrea Davis