What’s New in Children’s?

What’s New in Children’s?

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New Board Books

At the supermarket : [board book] by Rockwell, Anne F.
Baby Beluga : [board book] by Raffi.
Baby loves fall! : a Karen Katz lift-the-flap book by Katz, Karen
Baby up, baby down : a first book of opposites by
Button your buttons : it
Counting by Star, Fleur
Grandma loves me! by Richmond, Marianne
I love my tutu too! by Burach, Ross
I love to sleep = J
Little Blue Truck
Love is a truck by Novesky, Amy
My first busy book by Carle, Eric
My hair is beautiful by Grant, Shauntay
No biting! : a lift-the-flap book by Katz, Karen.
Numbers : a book by Reiss, John J.
Oh dear! : a farm lift-the-flap book by Campbell, Rod
One yellow sun by Arndt, Michael
One, two, three dim sum : a Mandarin-English counting book by Lo, Rich.
Raven squawk, orca squeak by Vickers, Roy Henry.
Sharing by Yonezu, Yusuke
Sockeye silver, saltchuck blue by Vickers, Roy Henry
Tummy time friends by Brisson, Pat
Twinkle, twinkle, ABC by Saltzberg, Barney
Who is making a mess? by D

New Picture Books

Bunnies on the bus by Ardagh, Philip
A story about Afiya by Berry, James
I dream of Popo by Blackburne, Livia
The snow dancer by Boswell, Addie K.
Blanket : journey to extreme coziness by Brantz, Loryn
My friend by Diggs, Taye
Flash and gleam : light in our world by Fliess, Sue.
Big rig rescue! by Gall, Chris
Do Not Let Your Dragon Spread Germs by Gassman, Julie
Moose, Goose, and Mouse by Gerstein, Mordicai
Hold on to your music : the inspiring true story of the children of Willesden Lane by Sher, Emil
When we are kind by Gray Smith, Monique
Ten beautiful things by Griffin, Molly Beth
Off to see the sea by Grimes, Nikki.
Raven, rabbit, deer by Holler, Sue Farrell
I do not like stories by Larsen, Andrew
I want to ride the tap tap by Joseph, Danielle
Princess Dinosaur by Kibblesmith, Daniel
From Archie to Zack by Kirsch, Vincent X.
We wear masks by Lesage, Marla
Helga makes a name for herself by Maynor, Megan
Finding home by Meza, Estelí.
Girl on a motorcycle by Novesky, Amy
Time for Kenny by Pinkney, J. Brian
The box turtle by Roeder, Vanessa
Almond by Say, Allen
Melvin might? by Scieszka, Jon.
The Blunders : a counting catastrophe! by Soontornvat, Christina
Night is for darkness, by Stutzman, Jonathan.
The wanderer by Van den Ende, Peter.
The oboe goes boom boom boom by Venable, Colleen A. F.
Teatime around the world by Waissbluth, Denyse
Scooper and Dumper by Ward, Lindsay.
Sheepish : (wolf under cover) by Yoon, Helen.
Harry and the guinea pig by Lambert, Nancy
Listening with my heart : a story of kindness and self-compassion by Garcia, Gabi
Puppy in my head : a book about mindfulness by Gravel, Elise
Memoirs of a tortoise by Scillian, Devin
I miss you : a first look at death by Thomas, Pat
Is it Sukkot yet? by Barash, Chris
Eating the alphabet : fruits and vegetables from A to Z by Ehlert, Lois.
Most people by Leannah, Michael
And the people stayed home by O
Peppa goes apple picking by Rusu, Meredith
Uni the unicorn by Rosenthal, Amy Krouse.
Giving thanks : more than 100 ways to say thank you by Surrey, Ellen
25 pollywogs /  by Wilcox, Kathleen M.
The pigeon wants a puppy! by Willems, Mo.

New Easy Readers

The Berenstain Bears
Biscuit and the little llamas by Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
Teamwork wins! by Cena, John
The adventures of Daniel Tiger. by
Pete the Cat goes camping by Dean, James
Pete the cat.  A pet for Pete by Dean, James
Ready, set, go cart! / y Kimberly and James Dean. by Dean, Kim
A tale of two sisters by Lagonegro, Melissa
I want to be a teacher by Driscoll, Laura
Ferry boat by Garland, Michael
I love my tutu! by Gilbert, Frances
Snow is fun by Henry, Steve
The Evil Princess vs. the Brave Knight make good choices? by Holm, Jennifer L.
Power up, PJ Masks! by Finnegan, Delphine
Race for the ring by Finnegan, Delphine
Gekko takes charge by Hastings, Ximena
The flying factory! by Nakamura, May
Wheels of a Hero! by Nakamura, May
PJ Masks save the library! by Pendergrass, Daphne
PJ Masks adventures by
I wish I was a flamingo by Bové, Jennifer
I love being me! by Roe, Mechal Renee
In a dark, dark room, and other scary stories by Schwartz, Alvin
Bird singing, bird winging by Singer, Marilyn
I will take a nap! by Willems, Mo
We are in a book! by Willems, Mo.
Interrupting Cow by Yolen, Jane

New First Chapter Books

Bad Kitty gets a bath by Bruel, Nick
Cheer up by Burnell, Heather Ayris
Who needs a checkup? by Feuti, Norman
The Princess in Black and the hungry bunny horde by Hale, Shannon
Journey to the Moon by Hapka, Cathy
Home is where the heart is by Higgins, Cam
The great escape by Katz, Alan
The zoo switcheroo by Katz, Alan
Camping catastrophe by Klein, Abby.
Homework hassles by Klein, Abby.
The king of show-and-tell by Klein, Abby.
Tooth trouble by Klein, Abby.
Geeger the Robot : lost and found by Lerner, Jarrett
Judy Moody saves the world by McDonald, Megan.
Warriors in winter by Osborne, Mary Pope
Day of the Dragon King by Osborne, Mary Pope.
Midnight on the moon by Osborne, Mary Pope.
Carnival chaos by Penney, Shannon
The puck stops here  by Sylvester, Kevin
I can
Time to shine by Young, Jessica
Robot the robot is here to help by Youngmark, Matt.

New Graphic Novels

Arlo & Pips.  King of the birds  Volume 1, by Gravel, Elise
Avatar, the last airbender.  Katara and the pirate
Banana Fox and the Secret Sour Society.   1 by Kochalka, James.
Bunbun & Bonbon.  Hoppy go lucky by Keating, Jess
Out on a limb / Out on a Limb by Bottier, Isabelle
Cleopatra in space.  Target practice  Book one, by Maihack, Mike.
Through the moon by
Katie the catsitter by Venable, Colleen A. F.
Last dance by Schroy, Hanna
Mr. Corbett is in orbit! by Gutman, Dan
The mythics.  Teenage gods  2, by
Plants vs. zombies.  Multi-ball-istic  [vol. 17], by Tobin, Paul
Pokémon.  Sun & Moon. Volume 9 by Kusaka, Hidenori
Poppy & Sam : and the leaf thief by Cathon
Poppy & Sam and the mole mystery by Cathon
Sherlock Bones and the natural history mystery by Treml, Renée.
Muhammad Ali : the greatest of all time! by Buckley, James,  Jr.
Timo the adventurer by Garnier, Jonathan
We found a monster : a graphic novel by Scroggs, Kirk
Wings of fire. the graphic novel   The dark secret : Book 4, by Sutherland, Tui
Witches of Brooklyn by Escabasse, Sophie
WolfWalkers : the graphic novel by Sattin, Samuel

New Children’s Fiction

James and the giant peach by Dahl, Roald.
Midnight by Hunter, Erin.
Diary of a wimpy kid.  The third wheel by Kinney, Jeff
Claudia and the new girl by Martin, Ann M.
Hello, Mallory by Martin, Ann M.
Finders keepers by McFarlane, Melanie
Big Nate.  In a class by himself by Peirce, Lincoln
The mysterious Benedict Society and the perilous journey by Stewart, Trenton Lee.
The hive queen by Sutherland, Tui
The puck stops here  by Sylvester, Kevin
Revenge of the horned bunnies by Vernon, Ursula.
The greedy gremlin by West, Tracey
Amari and the night brothers by Alston, B. B.
Peacemaker by Bruchac, Joseph
Bad Kitty goes on vacation by Bruel, Nick
Otto P. Nudd by Butler, Emily
City of the plague god by Chadda, Sarwat
The sea in winter by Day, Christine
Stella Diaz dreams big by Dominguez, Angela
Little Red Hoodie by Freeman, Martha
Alone by Freeman, Megan E.
Many points of me by Gertler, Caroline
TBH, no one can ever know : a novel in text by Greenwald, Lisa.
Investigation Boom by Harris, Delonte
The final gambit by Healy, Christopher
Hide and seeker by Hermon, Daka
The lion of Mars by Holm, Jennifer L.
Invasion of the living Ted by Hutchison, Barry
Music for tigers by Kadarusman, Michelle
The world between blinks by Kaufman, Amie
Unplugged by Korman, Gordon
The nightmare thief by Lesperance, Nicole
Clues to the Universe by Li, Christina
Unleashed by McCulloch, Amy
Shaking up the house by Mendez, Yamile Saied
In a flash by Napoli, Donna Jo
Daring Darleen, queen of the screen by Nesbet, Anne
The trouble with good ideas by Panitch, Amanda.
The star outside my window by Raúf, Onjali Q.
The barren grounds by Robertson, David
Root magic by Royce, Eden
Karma Moon--ghosthunter by Savage, Melissa
Case File : Little claws by Schrefer, Eliot
The million dollar race by Smith, Matthew Ross
A test of courage by Ireland, Justina
Out of time : the eight journey through time by Stilton, Geronimo
The tiger
The red tiles : tiles from china by Cao, Wenxuan

New Children’s Non-Fiction & Biography

National Geographic Kids : almanac 2021. by
Kids vs. plastic : ditch the straw and find the pollution solution to bottles, bags, and other single-use plastics. by Beer, Julie
Feathered serpent and the five suns : a Mesoamerican creation myth by Tonatiuh, Duncan
The language of the universe : a visual exploration of mathematics by Stuart, Colin  (Science writer)
Exploring the elements : a complete guide to the periodic table by Thomas, Isabel
Dinosaurs : fact and fable : truths, myths, and new discoveries! by Simon, Seymour
Ocean! : waves for all by McAnulty, Stacy.
Wild city : meet the animals who share our city spaces by Hoare, Ben
Life-size animals : an illustrated safari by Schiavo, Riva M.
Amphibian acrobats : frog, salamander, and caecilian showstoppers in verse by Bulion, Leslie
Audubon birding adventures for kids : activities and ideas for watching, feeding, and housing our feathered friends by Wolfson, Elissa
The beak book by Page, Robin
Tarra and Bella : the elephant and dog who became best friends by Buckley, Carol
Walrus vs. elephant seal by Pallotta, Jerry
Welcome to your period! : your complete, no-nonsense guide to going with the flow by Stynes, Yumi
Love your body by Sanders, Jessica  (Social worker)
A garden in your belly : meet the microbes in your gut by D
From here to there : inventions that changed the way the world moves by Kirkfield, Vivian
Modern art explorer : with 30 artworks from the Centre Pompidou by Harman, Alice
Hard-boiled bugs for breakfast : and other tasty poems by Prelutsky, Jack
Desert diary : Japanese American kids behind barbed wire by Tunnell, Michael O.
Pearl Harbor by Messner, Kate
The ABCs of Black history by Cortez, Rio
Exploring the White House : inside America
The world almanac and book of facts 2021 by
Harvest celebrations. by
Sea bones by Barner, Bob
Battle royale : 5 books in 1! by Pallotta, Jerry
Butterflies belong here by Hopkinson, Deborah
The big book of airplanes. by
Little tree by Cummings, E. E.
Above the rim : how Elgin Baylor changed basketball by Bryant, Jennifer
Joe Biden : our 46th president by Gormley, Beatrice
President Joe Biden : America
Flying high : the story of gymnastics champion Simone Biles by Meadows, Michelle
Drawing on walls : a story of Keith Haring by Burgess, Matthew.
Dark was the night : Blind Willie Johnson
The highest tribute : Thurgood Marshall
A girl named Rosita : the story of Rita Moreno : actor, singer, dancer, trailblazer! by Denise, Anika
Gone to the woods : surviving a lost childhood by Paulsen, Gary
Chance : a memoir by Shulevitz, Uri
Harriet Tubman by Pinkney, Andrea Davis